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Update: 3 September 2018

Train commuters - no standing allowed on Redwing coaches!

It's a fact of life that train commuters are sometimes forced to stand during their journey due to overcrowding. Or they start off sitting down, but later feel obliged to give up their seat to someone in greater need.

Nobody likes being packed in like sardines, staring into a stranger's ear for an hour or so. And as all these little irritations add up, tempers gently fray and stress levels rocket.

Do you really want to risk this unpleasantness every time you travel to and from your workplace by train, day in and day out for years on end?

Because it's not like this on our Gravesend-London commuter coaches, that's for sure.

Our passengers have a choice of convenient pick up points near their homes and offices. They step aboard our clean, air conditioned luxury coaches and settle into their own comfortable seats.

Unlike the train, no standing is allowed, so once you're seated you stay seated for your entire journey, with room to relax, read, work, doze or watch the world go by. You'll never have to give up your seat, mid-journey, to a new passenger, or endure standing passengers packed in the aisle.

Surely commuting by coach is a better way to start and end your working day? Why not try us out for a week or two and see how it feels to commute the civilised, comfortable way between Gravesend and London? It's considerably cheaper than the train, too. Check out our Commuting section for full details.

Update: 2 August 2018

Teachers - planning a school trip next term?

If you're a teacher tasked with planning a school trip during the new school year, please make sure you give us a call concerning your coach hire requirements.

We have the best coaches complete with the latest safety equipment, DBS checked drivers, decades of experience and a long list of schools who use our services.

Whether you're planning a Day Trip to a museum, an exhibition, a historical site or a theatre, or a Sports Trip, or a Ski Trip or a Holiday/Study Trip in the UK or Europe, we can provide the best coach hire service you have ever experienced.

We know that your educational budget is limited, so rest assured we'll offer you an excellent value quote for your trip.

To discuss your possible future requirements, with absolutely no obligation and no pressure, please don't hesitate to call us on 01474 322002.

Update: 6 July 2018

Save money visiting trade exhibitions with your team

Keeping up to date with the latest advances in your industry or profession is essential if you don't want to fall behind. Trade exhibitions, at world-class venues such as the NEC Birmingham, enable business managers and staff to learn about the latest advances, examine and compare equipment and services, see what your competitors are up to, and question the experts.

The more staff you can motivate and educate with a trade exhibition visit, the more successful your teams will be.

But travelling to trade exhibitions can be exorbitantly expensive. With train fares often so high and unpredictable, it's only possible for a select few staff to attend trade shows without breaking the travel budget. However, for the cost of taking a small number of staff to a trade show by train, you can hire a private Redwing luxury coach and fill it with up to 49 people. You pay for the coach, not the number of passengers, so how many people you take is up to you.

The advantages of hiring a coach are numerous. It's a door to door service, so everyone arrives at the right place at the right time. Your schedule can be flexible. You can depart when you want to, and not to fit in with an inconvenient discounted train fare departure, for example. You can discuss businesss matters with your colleagues in privacy on the coach. Travel stress is largely eliminated and, of course, you can book a coach with an onboard WC.

Think outside the box. Take your whole team to your next big trade show, not just a few senior staff. Give us a call on 01474 322002 to find out how much a typical trip will cost you.

Update: 11 June 2018

Online Quotes - quick and easy, give it a try

Our Online Quote form is quick and convenient. You can ask for an online quote at any time of the day or night and we'll respond as quickly as possible, and certainly by the end of the next business day.

If you'd like a quote with Redwing North Kent you have several options:

Update: 8 May 2018

Redwing Commuter App for mobile devices

Our free Redwing NK Commuter app for mobile devices is available on the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android).

The app enables you to view full timetables for all our daily commuter journeys and to track your coach at any stage during its journey.

The idea behind the app is to offer a simple but useful resource that will hopefully make your working day a little easier. By deliberately avoiding complication and unnecessary features we hope you will find the app easy and convenient to use every day, once you've got used to it.

The actual arrival time at each stop is displayed by the app in real-time, together with the number of minutes delay (if any) relative to the scheduled arrival time.

This means you can monitor the progress of your coach while you're waiting for it to arrive, and can estimate the likely arrival time at your chosen stop.

You can also view the live location of your coach on a map at any time during the journey.

For new commuters, the locations of each pick up point and set down point are shown on a detailed map.

Visit our Downloads and Apps page to download the app.

Update: 10 April 2018

Reliable Sports Team coach travel

If you manage a sports team, you know how important it is to organise safe, efficient, reliable, comfortable and best value transport for your away fixtures and tours.

Whether you need to book a day trip for a sports fixture in a nearby town, or a ten day tour across Europe, our luxury coach service is your best bet for a successful itinerary.

We have first class modern coaches and excellent drivers. And because your teams travel in considerable comfort, they arrive in great shape and ready to compete.

There's plenty of luggage space for sports kit, too.

And don't forget your supporters and fans. How about a dedicated Redwing coach for them, too? It's a great service to provide, and you can usually offer fans a very economical price.

We have decades of experience providing coach transport for cricketers, footballers, rugby players, hockey players, athletes and many other sports enthusiasts. We are used by schools, amateur clubs, colleges, universities, private groups and professional teams.

To find out how we can simplify your sports team logistics, give us a call on 01474 322002 for a chat about your current or future requirements.

Update: 7 March 2018

Are you relocating to Gravesend, Kent?

So, you're relocating to the Gravesend area but your work still takes you to London? Make sure you consider our luxury commuter coach service. It runs between the Gravesend area and Central London, including Canary Wharf.

Moving to the relative peace and quiet of the Gravesend area offers many lifestyle advantages. But if you still have to travel to London every day why not do it in the most economical and least stressful way possible?

What are your options? You can travel by Train. You can drive your Car. Or you can climb aboard our luxury Redwing Commuter Coaches.

Each option has its fans, but here's our suggestion: sit down with a blank sheet of paper and carefully compare the alternatives. You'll soon notice that our commuter coach service has several significant advantages. Not least the fact that our Annual Season Ticket is only £2,000. This is considerably cheaper than the train.

Take a look at our Commuting section for full details about our commuter service, including prices and detailed schedules. Plus our Coach or Train? page has full details of the cost savings you can enjoy, as well as 9 more benefits of commuting by coach.

When you've finished your analysis and run the numbers, why not put us to the test for a couple of weeks and see how you like our commuter service?

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on 01474 322002.

Update: 15 February 2018

Do you run a Club, Society or Association?

If you run a Club, Society or Association please consider the benefits of hiring your own private luxury coach for days out, meetings, excursions, exhibitions, short breaks, sports fixtures and other similar events.

Whether you're involved in amateur dramatics, horticulture, bowling, photography, sport, local history, model aircraft, art, music or anything else, you can add another dimension to your activities by hiring a coach for a group trip.

Hiring your own coach is surprisingly economical and easy to do. If you haven't arranged this type of thing before please give us a call on 01474 322002 and we'll be delighted to give you all the help and advice you need to organise your trip, with no pressure and no obligation.

People often assume that hiring a coach will be 'too expensive', or 'too complicated'. But if it's 'too expensive' why do you see so many other groups like yours travelling around the country in luxury coaches? The answer, of course, is that it's probably not as expensive or complicated as you think!

Once you start using our coaches you'll find they open up all kinds of possibilities for future trips and exciting events that you would not have considered before. Call us on 01474 322002 for the answers to all your questions, including 'How much does it cost?'.

Update: 16 January 2018

Coach or Train? Commuters, how much can you save?

You can save a lot of your hard-earned money by choosing the coach to commute from the Gravesend area to London and back.

An Annual Season Ticket with Redwing's luxury commuter coaches costs only £2,000 per year.

That's equivalent to £38.46 per week on average, or £7.69 return per working day. Or £3.85 each way, which is less than the price of a coffee and a sandwich.

The train, however, will cost you £3,464 for the cheapest comparable Rail Annual Season Ticket.*

So you can save £1,464 per year by commuting with Redwing Coaches.

As you can see, compared to the Train, our Redwing Annual Season Ticket is an absolute bargain, because we're 42% cheaper than the train.

*Our price comparison figures were checked on 16 January 2018 using the official National Rail Season Ticket Calculator (full site, not mobile): a 12 month Rail Season Ticket between Gravesend (GRV) and London Cannon Street (CST), no High Speed train allowed, no London Travelcard included, costs £3,464.

Check out our Coach or Train? page, for many more reasons why commuting by luxury coach is the best option.

Plus you'll find full details of all our tickets and fares on our Tickets & Fares page, from a Single One Way journey to an Annual Season Ticket.

If you have any questions about our commuter service, please give us a call on 01474 322002.

Update: 10 January 2018

Getting married? Hire a coach for your guests

If you're getting married this year, now's the time to sort out the logistics.

You can plan things the old way, with scores of guests converging haphazardly on the ceremony venue and reception venue under their own steam. Or you can plan it the clever way, and provide a luxury private air-conditioned coach service from a convenient central meeting point to the ceremony, then on to the reception and back to the meeting point.

By choosing your central meeting point carefully - near a railway station with a public car park, for example - you can make your wedding easily accessible not only to car drivers, but also to guests who don't own cars, or guests who wisely choose not to drink and drive.

Think about it from your guests' point of view. It's no fun, for example, turning up at a country church in the middle of nowhere and discovering there's only parking for five cars! Town centres, with treacherous one way systems and draconian parking restrictions can be even worse. And then there's the mad dash from the church to the reception, with more map-reading trauma and parking nightmares. Be nice to your guests - hire a luxury, air-conditioned coach for them.

There are so many advantages: everyone arrives in the right place at the right time. No one gets lost. Parking problems are eliminated. Drink-driving can be avoided and there is always a happy, party atmosphere amongst the passengers.

Make sure your guests remember your wedding with a smile, not a shudder. Give us a call on 01474 322002 to find out more.

Update: 10 January 2018

Downloadable PDF Commuter Timetable updated

Our downloadable PDF Commuter Timetable has been updated today.

You can download the new file (redwing-10-jan-2018.pdf, 170KB) on our Downloads page.

This is a minor update. The special Christmas and New Year 2017/18 schedules have been removed, but the regular timetables have not been modified, so there are no changes to your journey.

We recommend you download this latest PDF version of the timetable so you always have the most up to date version when you suddenly need it.

Update: 18 December 2017

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

All our drivers and managers would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and an insanely Prosperous New Year.

It has been another busy year for Redwing, and hopefully for you too, but now we're looking forward to 2018, fired up and ready to go.

Whether you are spending Christmas at home, or jetting off for a bit of sun, we hope you have a lovely time, and look forward to welcoming you back on our coaches after your well-earned break!

If you're a commuter, please make sure you double check our Christmas and New Year Timetable to see how your journey will be affected over the Christmas and New Year period.

Update: 4 December 2017

Hold your Christmas Party in January?

More and more companies now hold their Christmas Parties in January.

It's an excellent strategy - staff and guests love it as it's one more event to enjoy before settling down to the hard grind of another new year.

Company managers like it too, as there are great deals to be done with restaurants, venues and entertainment in the quieter weeks following the mad pre-Christmas rush.

However and wherever you decide to enjoy yourself, we will take you and your group where you need to go. Comfortably, safely, efficiently and without fuss.

Call us on 01474 322002 to find out how much your January Christmas Party coach will cost.

Update: 29 November 2017

Early Afternoon Departures on 22 and 29 December 2017

Commuters, why stay at work any longer than you need to?

Don't forget we have special early afternoon departures at 13.00 and 15.00 on Friday 22 December and Friday 29 December to whizz you back home in time to put your feet up and grab a glass of sherry and a mince pie before the celebrations begin.

Full details on our Timetables, Routes and Map page.

Update: 29 November 2017

Special Christmas and New Year Timetables now online

During the Christmas and New Year period we operate a modified commuter coach timetable, and our office opening hours are different too.

This year there are changes to our normal commuter coach timetable from Friday 22 December 2017 to Monday 1 January 2018 inclusive.

Full details of our special Christmas and New Year timetables are now online in our Commuter Coach section.

You can also download a PDF version of our timetables, fares and contact details (170KB). This is ideal for offline use.

Please take a look at the modified timetables and check how your commuter journey will be affected.

If you have any questions about the Christmas and New Year arrangements, please give us a call on 01474 322002.

Update: 8 November 2017

Hire a coach for your Christmas Party

Christmas Parties don't organise themselves. Someone's got to take charge and make all the arrangements. If that person is you then please call us as soon as possible, because we can make your task a lot easier.

Hiring a luxury coach to take your group to and from the Christmas Party venue makes a lot of sense. Everyone gets to the party on time. No one gets lost on the way. There are no parking problems, no parking charges, no problems with drinking and driving. No wandering about on foot in the rain trying to find the venue.

Your Redwing coach provides a door to door service. What could be more convenient?

Time is moving on, so you'll need to book soon to finalise your Christmas arrangements. If you have any questions please call us on 01474 322002 and we'll be glad to help.


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