Commuter Services between Gravesend and London from £38.46 per week

If you're a commuter travelling between Gravesend and London we think you'll be interested in our scheduled Commuter Services.

For more than thirty years we've made the journey to London and back cheaper, more convenient and less stressful than the alternatives of car or train.

Canary Wharf in London's Docklands.
Canary Wharf in London's Docklands, one of the stops on our commuter service between Gravesend and London.

Climb aboard one of our comfortable, modern coaches and relax. Read a book, snooze, or simply watch the world go by. You'll save money and reduce travel stress.

We're much cheaper than the train

Our Redwing Annual Season Ticket is £1,464 cheaper - yes, CHEAPER - than the equivalent Rail Annual Season Ticket.

That's a tempting saving. What could you buy with that?

And low cost is not the only benefit of travelling by coach. Check out our Coach or Train? page for full details of costs and savings and some very good reasons to commute by coach.

Routes and times

Picking up from a number of convenient locations in the Gravesend area of North Kent, we drop our commuters off at various London locations between Canary Wharf, the City and the West End.

The services operate from Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. You'll travel in comfort and safety - we operate high-spec executive coaches with experienced drivers.

The timings of our departures to and from London are designed to suit the work patterns of the majority of London bound commuters. Visit our Timetables & Routes page for full details, and use our Interactive Route Map to locate the most convenient pickup points for your journey.

Local journeys within the Gravesend area or the Greater London area are also possible.

Luxury coaches for your comfort and safety

Our commuter coaches are luxurious, late model coaches incorporating the latest technology for comfort, safety and environmental friendliness. Full climate control ensures a comfortable journey in Summer or Winter.

Wheelchair accessible commuter coaches

Our commuter coaches are wheelchair accessible when required. One passenger in a wheelchair can be accommodated on each coach. Passengers wishing to travel in their wheelchairs must book at least 48 hours in advance, as space is limited and we need time to reconfigure the coach seating. You'll find more details about our wheelchair accessible coaches on our Disabled Access page.

Fares and Tickets

We offer a range of tickets to suit your circumstances. With an Annual Season Ticket, for example, the cost is equivalent to £38.46 per week.

Other excellent value fares include Weekly, Monthly and Six-monthly season tickets.

You don't need to book a seat - just turn up and climb aboard. You can also buy Single tickets (and books of 10 Singles) from the driver. Other tickets must be purchased in advance. Visit our Tickets and Fares page for full details.

Redwing Commuter Traffic Updates

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