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Commuter Timetable Apps for Android and Apple

Redwing NK Commuter app.
A screenshot from the Redwing NK Commuter app.

The free Redwing NK Commuter app for mobile devices is available for download on App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android).

The app enables you to view full timetables for all our daily commuter journeys, and to track your coach at any stage during its journey.

The actual arrival time at each stop is displayed by the app in real-time, together with the number of minutes delay (if any) relative to the scheduled arrival time.

This means you know the location of your coach at all times and can estimate the likely arrival time at your chosen stop.

You can also view the live location of the coach on a map at any time during its journey.

Particularly useful for new commuters, the location of each pick up point and set down point (which may be different for a given location) are shown on a detailed map.

Download the app for your device using the links below:

Get Redwing NK Commuter on Google Play

Download Redwing NK Commuter on the App Store

Alternatively, search the App Store or Google Play for 'Redwing NK Commuter'

Latest Commuter Timetable PDF file

Easy to print, or view it onscreen, or save it to your device.

Release Date: 10 January 2018

redwing-10-jan-2018.pdf (PDF file, 170KB, 3 A4 pages).

Contents: Full timetable, ticket types, fares, purchasing information, office hours and contact details.

Replaces: redwing-29-nov-2017.pdf, now obsolete.

Reason for update: Removed special Christmas and New Year 2017/18 schedule details. No changes to regular timetables.

Each PDF file is clearly identified by name and release date, so you can easily check if you have the current version.

We recommend that you download the current Redwing North Kent PDF Timetable to your PC and mobile devices. It is ideal when you don't have a mobile data signal or a wifi signal, or if you want to print a hard copy.


New! Commuter App New!

Download our free Redwing NK Commuter phone app, with real-time updated Timetables and live Coach Tracking.

Get Redwing NK Commuter on Google Play

Download Redwing NK Commuter on the App Store

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Commuter Service Traffic Updates

Download our PDF Commuter Timetables

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