10 Good Reasons to Commute with Redwing Coaches North Kent

If you commute between Gravesend and London our scheduled luxury commuter coach service will save you money and reduce travel stress.

Here are ten good reasons to try out our commuter coach service:

1. Great value prices

Commute between Gravesend and London from £38.46 per week! We have a range of daily, weekly, monthly, six-monthly and annual ticketing options.

2. Comfortable, modern executive coaches

Air conditioning, double glazing, seat belts, reclining seats, smoke-free, clean. A civilised and secure environment in which to start and end your day.

3. Choice of Gravesend area pick up/drop off points

We have many pick up/drop off points in and around Gravesend. Which one is nearest your home? No more long journeys to and from the train station.

4. Choice of London pick up/drop off points

We get you closer to your destination, with a number of pick up/drop off points between Canary Wharf, the City and the West End.

5. Expert drivers

Our drivers know every wiggle and white line along the route - your best guarantee of a comfortable, efficient journey.

6. No standing

When you sit down, you can stay down! There's no sardine misery on our coaches. Standing is not allowed. So there's never any need to give up your seat mid-journey for new passengers, unlike the train.

7. Phone App with live coach tracking

With our phone app, you always know where your coach is, and can estimate when it will arrive at your stop.

8. Clean environment

No beer cans and litter strewn all over our seats and floor. Our coaches are clean and fresh every trip.

9. Air conditioning

Enjoy a comfortable, climate controlled environment in our coaches. Cool in summer, warm in winter.

10. No 'leaves on the line'

No 'wrong type of snow' either. Problems that bring other commuter services to a halt rarely affect our coach services.

Give us a try!

Try out our commuter service and see how you like it. It's well worth the effort.

Just buy Single tickets from the driver when you board the coach and put us to the test. Even better, buy a great value Weekly ticket and try us for a week.


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