Coach or Train? Which is best for you?

If you commute between Gravesend and London our scheduled luxury commuter coach service will save you money and reduce travel stress.

Here are 10 good reasons to try out our commuter coach service:

1. Great value prices, and much cheaper than the train

Commute between Gravesend and London from £38.46 per week! We have a range of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Six-monthly and Annual ticketing options.

An Annual Season Ticket with Redwing's luxury commuter coaches costs only £2,000 per year.

That's equivalent to £38.46 per week on average, or £7.69 return per working day. Or £3.85 each way, which is less than the price of a coffee and a cake.

The train, however, will cost you £3,464 for the cheapest comparable Rail Annual Season Ticket.*

So you can save £1,464 per year by commuting with Redwing Coaches.

Compared to the Train, the Redwing Annual Season Ticket is an absolute bargain, because we're 42% cheaper than the train.

*Our price comparison figures were checked on 16 January 2018 using the official National Rail Season Ticket Calculator (full site, not mobile): a 12 month Rail Season Ticket between Gravesend (GRV) and London Cannon Street (CST), no High Speed train allowed, no London Travelcard included, costs £3,464.

So now that you've potentially saved £1,464 of your hard-earned cash, what are you going to spend it on? It's enough to buy a holiday, or a new sofa, or piano lessons, or gym membership, or 732 Lottery tickets! Or you could forego all these pleasures, and sit (or stand) on the train instead. Your choice!...

2. Comfortable, modern executive coaches

Air conditioning with adjustable vents, double glazing, three-point inertial seat belts, reclining seats, reading lights, overhead storage, smoke-free, clean. A civilised, peaceful and secure environment in which to start and end your day.

3. No standing. Not ever. Never...

When you sit down, you can stay sitting down for the entire journey! Standing is not allowed. So there's never any need to give up your seat mid-journey for new passengers, unlike the train. For most people, knowing for certain you will always have a comfortable seat takes a lot of stress out of the commute.

And because no standing is allowed, the coach cabin never fills up to bursting point like trains sometimes do, with people crammed together like sardines. It simply can't happen on our coaches.

4. Choice of Gravesend area pick up/drop off points

We have many pick up/drop off points in and around Gravesend. Which one is nearest to your home? No more long journeys to and from the train station.

5. Choice of London pick up/drop off points

We get you closer to your destination, with a number of pick up/drop off points in Canary Wharf, the City and the West End.

6. Expert drivers

Our drivers know every wiggle and white line along the route - your best guarantee of a comfortable, efficient journey. Some of our drivers have been with us for twenty years. You're in good hands.

7. Phone App with live coach tracking

With our Redwing phone app, you always know where your coach is, and can estimate when it will arrive at your stop. Once you've got used to how it works, you'll find this reduces travel stress by keeping you in the picture at all times while you're waiting for your coach.

And as well as our App, we provide detailed real-time information on Facebook and Twitter.

8. Clean and safe environment

No beer cans and litter strewn all over our seats and floor. And no dirt on our seats from people's shoes. Our coaches are clean and fresh every trip.

No dodgy people acting strangely (very rarely, anyway!) or tourists with massive suitcases tramping up and down. Our coach cabins are civilised, safe and peaceful environments, a fact greatly appreciated by our loyal commuters.

9. Air conditioning and climate control

Enjoy a comfortable, climate controlled environment in our coaches. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Plus your own adjustable air vents, a convenient feature the train doesn't offer.

10. No 'leaves on the line'

No 'wrong type of snow' either. Problems that bring other commuter services to a halt rarely affect our coach services.

Put us to the test!

Why not try out our commuter service and see how you like it? It's well worth the effort.

We offer cheaper journeys, with no standing, in a more comfortable, clean and safe environment.

You can buy Single tickets (or a pack of 10 Singles) from the driver when you board the coach. Then put us to the test. Even better, buy a great value Weekly ticket (call our office) and try us for a week.

If you have any questions, or want to buy your tickets, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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